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Does my child have any alternatives to jail time?

Many parents fear that sooner or later their child will be charged with a crime and face jail time. When that fear becomes a reality, it can easily cause panic, which is natural. The good news is that, with effective representation, your child does not have to face jail time, even in the face of a conviction.

How does the justice system treat juveniles with disabilities?

When the special education system fails minors they often end up incarcerated. Although youth with disabilities are underrepresented in the general population, they are much more likely to be sent to detention and incarceration facilities. At least one third of youthful offenders arrested have a disability. Some researchers argue that it is as high as 70 percent. These incarcerated minors have anything from emotional to learning disabilities.

What are the alternatives to incarceration for minors?

From the phone call to the court date, the time after your kid has been arrested is filled with anxiety. No parent wants to see their child throw their future away with time in juvenile detention centers. Fortunately second chances are easier to come by for kids under 18 and there are alternatives to incarceration. Some possible alternatives include treatment programs, probation, community programs, and more. There are alternatives available for each step of the way including detention prior to conviction, the justice system process itself, and the resulting jail time.

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