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drunk driving Archives

NFL practice squad player suspected of DUI

Washington residents have likely read many media reports about promising athletes who ran into problems after a brush with the law. The latest such story involves a 25-year-old football player who earned himself a place on the Los Angeles Rams practice squad but now faces an uncertain future. According to reports, the player's career prospects were dealt a damaging blow on Sept. 16 when police officers in California took him into custody on drunk driving and hit-and-run charges.

DUI charges filed against actor Vince Vaughn

Moviegoers in Washington may recognize actor Vince Vaughn from comedies like "Wedding Crashers," but the 48-year-old actor will likely not find the criminal charges stemming from his DUI arrest in June amusing. Although he was not originally charged after posting bail and leaving jail, prosecutors have decided to charge him with driving under the influence of alcohol. Additionally, he faces charges of driving with a blood-alcohol content of .08 or higher, refusing to cooperate with a police officer and not submitting to an inspection.

Alcohol and pot make a deadly combination for drivers

Police in Washington are reporting a new trend that's taking many lives on the state's highways, and they are calling it poly-drugged driving. That means driving while both drunk and intoxicated by another drug at the same time. The most common drug combination involved is alcohol and marijuana.

NFL player faces uncertain future after DUI guilty plea

Seattle Seahawks fans may recall reading about National Football League cornerback Daryl Worley's brush with the law in April. The former Philadelphia Eagle and current Oakland Raider was charged with driving while under the influence, weapons possession and resisting arrest, when Philadelphia police officers allegedly found him unconscious behind the wheel of a car that was blocking a highway entrance ramp. The 23-year-old athlete entered guilty pleas to reduced charges on June 18 and now awaits to hear what sanctions the NFL has in store for him.

Washington's underage DUI laws

Seattle drivers under the age of 21 may not be aware that they can be charged with drunk driving even if they have a blood alcohol content level below the standard legal limit. This is because Washington, like all other states, has a zero tolerance law in place for underage drinkers.

Building a defense against DUI charges

For people in Washington, a drunk driving arrest can carry long-lasting consequences. Because a DUI conviction can have such a serious impact on a person's life, it can be particularly important to mount a defense prior to going to court. There are several options that alleged offenders can use to overcome drunk driving charges.

Alcohol ed program gives Steve Wilkos chance to avoid DUI record

Steve Wilkos, host of "The Steve Wilkos Show," that airs in Washington and nationwide, had some interesting stories to tell after he flipped his car in what turned out to be a drunk driving accident in January. At his court hearing, the judge allowed him to enter a diversionary program. If he completes the 15-week alcohol educational course, his DUI charges will be removed from his record.

Police respond to drunk driver covered in dog poop

At about 11 p.m. on April 7, police received calls about a car running red lights and coming close to hitting several vehicles in Washington state. Minutes later, another person called 911 to report that a vehicle had crashed through their gate. The driver of the vehicle had fled on foot, but police soon made contact with the man who was covered in feces.

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