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drug charges Archives

Man facing serious charges after ordering MDMA online

A 20-year-old Washington man was charged Aug. 31 with leading organized crime for having his friends receive postal shipments of MDMA, a party drug frequently known as ecstasy. While this charge may lead people to think of someone involved with gangs or other traditional forms of organized crime, he instead asked his friends to receive mail packages containing the drug that he ordered over the internet. He then allegedly sold the drugs to a student at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Victims' rights advocate facing drug distribution charges

Victims' rights advocates in Washington and around the country are likely familiar with Henry T. Nicholas III. The founder of the technology giant Broadcom has funded efforts that have prompted lawmakers in five states to pass laws protecting crime victims, but the 59-year-old entrepreneur was recently the subject of far less complimentary media reports. Nicholas became the subject of scrutiny after it was learned that he had been taken into custody by Las Vegas police on drug trafficking charges.

Comedian avoids jail in sentencing for drug charges

When placed under arrest for drug offenses in Washington, it is useful to understand what potential defense options are available. Charges associated with possession of drugs or related paraphernalia can be worrisome and lead to substantial consequences. However, as is the case with comedian Artie Lange, stories in the news about prominent people facing drug charges can provide a guideline of what might be possible in a plea bargain and sentencing.

BAC devices must be calibrated

Most Washington drivers have heard about the legal limits for blood alcohol content, or BAC. States have enacted laws stating there is a presumption of guilt regarding driving under the influence if there is a BAC at a pre-determined level. BAC can be measured by a blood test from a lab technician, but it is generally measured by law enforcement personnel using a Breathalyzer machine. There are specific guidelines for maintenance and calibration of Breathalyzer machines, and if officials cannot produce documentation certifying a machine is in compliance, the results of any test may be disallowed in court.

Former pitcher faces drug charges

Washington residents may remember Esteban Loaiza from his days as a pitcher for several major league teams. On Feb. 12, San Diego police said that the former baseball player was taken into custody on charges of drug trafficking. Specifically, he was booked on suspicion of transporting, selling and distributing cocaine. Authorities say that packages containing a white powder had been sent to a home that he rented in Southern California.

Seattle asks to vacate marijuana possession convictions

Anyone who was convicted in Seattle of misdemeanor marijuana possession prior to 2012 may have their convictions vacated. That would be true if the mayor and city attorney have their request for that to happen granted. The final decision would be made by the courts, and convictions would be removed automatically if action is taken. The mayor acknowledged that such a conviction could create problems for those who are looking for housing, for work or to go to school.

Actress who accused producer of rape charged with drug possession

Rose McGowan has charmed television and movie fans in Washington for years, but law enforcement had little sympathy for her alleged drug possession. The actress turned herself into authorities on the East Coast because of an arrest warrant issued by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department.

FBI report reveals that the drug war is intensifying

Washington is one of several states to have legalized marijuana for recreational use, but this has not been enough to curtail the war on drugs or reduce the number of people arrested on minor narcotics charges. The FBI's latest Uniform Crime Report reveals that drug arrests rose by 5.63 percent in 2016 to more than 1.57 million, and an overwhelming 84.6 percent of those taken into custody were charged with simple possession. This works out to one drug arrest every 25 seconds.

The legality of drug charges

Washington residents might like to know more about controlled substances and their legality. Controlled substances can negatively influence people's welfare and health, so local and federal governments regulate if and when these substancescan be used.

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