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Taking action after your child is accused of shoplifting

As children get older, especially when they enter their early teens, all parents must come to accept that they cannot control the actions of their children through all the hours of the day. Although they can try to bring up children with good values, everyone makes mistakes and can be subject to peer pressure. The most important action that you can do is to react to your child's mistakes in the most proactive and appropriate way.

How marijuana can still lead to arrests in Washington

Marijuana has been decriminalized in Washington, but only in certain circumstances. Even though it's legal for adults to possess a small amount, there are times when possessing or selling marijuana could get you into deep trouble with the law. On top of that, federal charges could apply in addition to state charges.

Despite legalization, growing marijuana in Washington is a crime

Washington state joined a growing minority of states when voters approved I-502 in 2012. This initiative created a regulated recreational marijuana industry in the state to complement the existing medical marijuana industry. Overall, this move has been successful at decreasing non-violent, marijuana-related arrests and increasing tax revenue for the state.

Age plays a role in juvenile arrests after school fights

Some children learn to handle their problems with aggression. Others always have high energy and may turn to aggression because they don't know how else to explain their feelings. The problem with aggression is that it can lead to fist fights and violent acts against friends and family members. If the violence takes place at school, there is a chance a child could face prosecution.

Incarceration isn't necessarily the only option for juveniles

Your child went to school in an unusually happy way this morning, and you thought that his months of rebellion were over. Unfortunately, the day didn't turn out the way you'd hoped. In the afternoon, a call came in to tell you your son had drugs on the school's campus. Now, he faces arrest.

Marijuana use and DUIs: Not an easy charge to prove

While Washington does now allow for recreational marijuana usage, there are limits to even that. Did you know that you can still face a DUI if you smoke marijuana before you drive a vehicle? Yes, you can, and it's an interesting problem for police, since it's nearly impossible to prove impairment is a result of recent use.

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