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How trade fraud could impact Seattle consumers

It's no secret that importing items into a new country can be tricky. However, many consumers don't realize that illegal trade can actually lead to fraud charges. When importation is not done appropriately or record-keeping is not up to par, authorities will become suspicious. In fact, experts say that trade fraud is a growing form of white-collar crime.

There are a variety of regulations in place designed to curb trade fraud as well as to protect the health of local citizens. In addition to completing paperwork, importers must properly identify all items they are bringing in and the appropriate value of each item. Tax payments may also be required.

In most cases, trade fraudsters commit these white-collar crimes in order to avoid paying taxes. However, some companies are also bringing in falsely labeled products. For many business people, the idea of twisting facts may seem like a simple way to easily import items. Nevertheless, it is a very serious charge that can result in hefty fines or even jail time.

Sometimes, consumers or importers can be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This can lead to fraud accusations or charges that can be difficult and overwhelming to handle. Fortunately, the right fraud attorney can help with white-collar crime charges. Attorneys who deal with fraud investigations and charges are able to handle a variety of issues and can help their clients begin to move forward. It's important to seek counsel quickly as a lawyer can offer guidance, advice and case planning assistance.

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