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August 2018 Archives

Court rules in favor of man in gun rights case

Washington residents who are convicted on a felony charge could lose their gun rights. However, if they do not commit another crime within five years after the conviction, they are allowed to petition for their gun rights to be restored. This is true even if they are convicted of another crime after five years has passed, according to the Washington Supreme Court.

Alcohol and pot make a deadly combination for drivers

Police in Washington are reporting a new trend that's taking many lives on the state's highways, and they are calling it poly-drugged driving. That means driving while both drunk and intoxicated by another drug at the same time. The most common drug combination involved is alcohol and marijuana.

Victims' rights advocate facing drug distribution charges

Victims' rights advocates in Washington and around the country are likely familiar with Henry T. Nicholas III. The founder of the technology giant Broadcom has funded efforts that have prompted lawmakers in five states to pass laws protecting crime victims, but the 59-year-old entrepreneur was recently the subject of far less complimentary media reports. Nicholas became the subject of scrutiny after it was learned that he had been taken into custody by Las Vegas police on drug trafficking charges.

NFL player faces uncertain future after DUI guilty plea

Seattle Seahawks fans may recall reading about National Football League cornerback Daryl Worley's brush with the law in April. The former Philadelphia Eagle and current Oakland Raider was charged with driving while under the influence, weapons possession and resisting arrest, when Philadelphia police officers allegedly found him unconscious behind the wheel of a car that was blocking a highway entrance ramp. The 23-year-old athlete entered guilty pleas to reduced charges on June 18 and now awaits to hear what sanctions the NFL has in store for him.

How trade fraud could impact Seattle consumers

It's no secret that importing items into a new country can be tricky. However, many consumers don't realize that illegal trade can actually lead to fraud charges. When importation is not done appropriately or record-keeping is not up to par, authorities will become suspicious. In fact, experts say that trade fraud is a growing form of white-collar crime.

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