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July 2018 Archives

Study finds bail decisions influenced by racial prejudices

A criminal defendant in Washington might await trial in custody, or a judge may release a person who either promises to appear in court or pays bail. A research study that compared bail decisions to the races of arrested people calculated that courts detained black defendants 2.4 percent more often than white defendants. When black defendants did secure their release with bail, they paid amounts that averaged $7,281 higher than bail paid by their white counterparts.

Police are adopting new lineup tactics

Washington residents may not always be accurate when identifying a person from a lineup. In some cases, they could be influenced by something a police officer said or by some other variable that results in an innocent person being charged with a crime. Individuals may be influenced by outside cues because a person's memory of an event is not a static thing.

Washington's underage DUI laws

Seattle drivers under the age of 21 may not be aware that they can be charged with drunk driving even if they have a blood alcohol content level below the standard legal limit. This is because Washington, like all other states, has a zero tolerance law in place for underage drinkers.

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