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Taking action after your child is accused of shoplifting

As children get older, especially when they enter their early teens, all parents must come to accept that they cannot control the actions of their children through all the hours of the day. Although they can try to bring up children with good values, everyone makes mistakes and can be subject to peer pressure. The most important action that you can do is to react to your child's mistakes in the most proactive and appropriate way.

Shoplifting is a common accusation for teenagers to face. Although it is common, it should never be overlooked, because even petty theft charges can carry long-term consequences. As a parent, you are likely to worry that the charge will affect the rest of their lives. It is important to know that proactive action might help with protecting your child's future.

What is a shoplifting conviction?

When people of any age are accused of shoplifting, it means that they have been accused of taking commercial property from a business, without permission and without the intent of returning it. A common example of this is theft in a supermarket, for example, taking cigarettes from a store without paying for them. People could also be accused of shoplifting if they alter the price tag within a store or manipulate a bar code so that they can attempt to pay less for an item.

What should I do if my child has been accused of shoplifting in Washington?

If your child has been accused of shoplifting, it is important that you remember that theft is always a serious charge. Depending on the circumstances, your child may face some very impactful consequences.

However, there can be hope when action is taken early. When it is a person's first offense, when the accusation is petty theft and when the accused is a minor, the consequences may be able to be minimized to a less extreme level. In addition, it may be possible to prove that your child was not guilty of the crime.

If you have a child who has been accused of breaking the law, it is important to have good communication and good guidance while you take action to resolve the issue.

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