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April 2018 Archives

Taking action after your child is accused of shoplifting

As children get older, especially when they enter their early teens, all parents must come to accept that they cannot control the actions of their children through all the hours of the day. Although they can try to bring up children with good values, everyone makes mistakes and can be subject to peer pressure. The most important action that you can do is to react to your child's mistakes in the most proactive and appropriate way.

Alcohol ed program gives Steve Wilkos chance to avoid DUI record

Steve Wilkos, host of "The Steve Wilkos Show," that airs in Washington and nationwide, had some interesting stories to tell after he flipped his car in what turned out to be a drunk driving accident in January. At his court hearing, the judge allowed him to enter a diversionary program. If he completes the 15-week alcohol educational course, his DUI charges will be removed from his record.

Police respond to drunk driver covered in dog poop

At about 11 p.m. on April 7, police received calls about a car running red lights and coming close to hitting several vehicles in Washington state. Minutes later, another person called 911 to report that a vehicle had crashed through their gate. The driver of the vehicle had fled on foot, but police soon made contact with the man who was covered in feces.

BAC devices must be calibrated

Most Washington drivers have heard about the legal limits for blood alcohol content, or BAC. States have enacted laws stating there is a presumption of guilt regarding driving under the influence if there is a BAC at a pre-determined level. BAC can be measured by a blood test from a lab technician, but it is generally measured by law enforcement personnel using a Breathalyzer machine. There are specific guidelines for maintenance and calibration of Breathalyzer machines, and if officials cannot produce documentation certifying a machine is in compliance, the results of any test may be disallowed in court.

Husband of Mary Kay Letourneau faces DUI charges

Seattle residents might be familiar with Vili Faulaau, the husband of former teacher Mary Kay Letourneau. Letourneau was convicted of sexually assaulting Faulaau when he was her student, but the two married in 2005. On Feb. 2, he was involved in a motor vehicle accident in Burien and charged with driving under the influence. He was scheduled for a court appearance on March 30.

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