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Various kinds of drunk driving charges

Drunk driving laws vary from state to state, but there are some general principles that guide them. People in Seattle who are detained for drunk driving for the first time will probably be charged with a misdemeanor if there are no extenuating circumstances such as an accident that injures other people.

The types of penalties for the first, second or third offense may include a loss of license, a fine or even jail time. A person might be required to install an ignition interlock device on the vehicle. After multiple DUIs or in DUIs involving an accident that injures others, a person might be charged with a felony. Penalties could include a license suspension that lasts years, jail time or restitution. People may also be required to attend classes.

A number of countries have stricter limits for drunk driving than the .08 percent limit in the United States. In Sweden and China, it is .02, and in countries such as Slovakia and Brazil, there is a policy of zero tolerance.

Laws are stricter for underage and commercial drivers. Underage drinkers and drivers may be faced with an underage drinking charge as well. Commercial drivers may be terminated from their position at work and could have their commercial driving license revoked as well.

In addition to the legal repercussions, being convicted of drunk driving can have other consequences. Commercial driving is not the only profession in which a person's job could be affected by a conviction. Other workplaces may have policies regarding this. A suspended license can also affect a person's ability to get to work or school. As a result, a person who is facing these types of charges might want to contact an attorney. It may be possible to get the charges reduced. If the traffic stop was not conducted properly, the charges could be dropped.

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