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Former pitcher faces drug charges

Washington residents may remember Esteban Loaiza from his days as a pitcher for several major league teams. On Feb. 12, San Diego police said that the former baseball player was taken into custody on charges of drug trafficking. Specifically, he was booked on suspicion of transporting, selling and distributing cocaine. Authorities say that packages containing a white powder had been sent to a home that he rented in Southern California.

Authorities say that they conducted a traffic stop on Feb. 9 on a suspicious vehicle Loaiza was in. The vehicle has been under surveillance because authorities believed that it was used to smuggle drugs. Evidence found in the vehicle led police to obtain a warrant to conduct a search of his rental home. Police say that the powder is still being tested, but they believe that the substance is cocaine.

Those who are found in possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia may face significant penalties if convicted. The same may be true for those who are facing allegations of drug trafficking. An attorney may be able to review a case in an effort to create a defense to charges a person may face. Defenses may include asserting that an individual did not intend to possess or distribute a controlled substance.

It may also be possible to assert that evidence was collected or handled improperly. This may make it possible to ask that some or all evidence in a case be suppressed. If this occurs, it may increase the odds that a case is dismissed or that charges are reduced. It may also lead to a plea agreement, which may lead a prosecutor to reduce charges and the potential penalties that an individual may face.

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