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February 2018 Archives

Various kinds of drunk driving charges

Drunk driving laws vary from state to state, but there are some general principles that guide them. People in Seattle who are detained for drunk driving for the first time will probably be charged with a misdemeanor if there are no extenuating circumstances such as an accident that injures other people.

Former pitcher faces drug charges

Washington residents may remember Esteban Loaiza from his days as a pitcher for several major league teams. On Feb. 12, San Diego police said that the former baseball player was taken into custody on charges of drug trafficking. Specifically, he was booked on suspicion of transporting, selling and distributing cocaine. Authorities say that packages containing a white powder had been sent to a home that he rented in Southern California.

Seattle asks to vacate marijuana possession convictions

Anyone who was convicted in Seattle of misdemeanor marijuana possession prior to 2012 may have their convictions vacated. That would be true if the mayor and city attorney have their request for that to happen granted. The final decision would be made by the courts, and convictions would be removed automatically if action is taken. The mayor acknowledged that such a conviction could create problems for those who are looking for housing, for work or to go to school.

Pretrial urine tests proposed for DUI defendants

People in Washington who are arrested on DUI charges can be subject to orders from a judge to prevent them from either drinking or doing drugs until after the resolution of the case. However, there is an ongoing debate over the use of urine tests to monitor those restrictions during a pending case following a state Supreme Court decision in 2017.

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