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January 2018 Archives

How bail may influence the justice system

According to a study from the American Economic Review, there are roughly 500,000 people in U.S. jails awaiting trial on any given day. The main reason why Washington residents and others may face this situation is a lack of money. The study also found that the average defendant made less than $7,000 in the year before they were taken into custody. Therefore, less than half were able to make bail even when set at $5,000 or less.

Study proposes further reduction in drunk driving threshold

Seattle motorists face stiff penalties for drunk driving charges under state law, and these potential effects escalate rapidly with additional charges. When drivers are stopped for a traffic offense and their blood alcohol concentration is found to be .08 percent or higher, DUI convictions can lead to fines, suspended driver's licenses and potentially incarceration. The limit in Washington is shared with every other state plus the District of Columbia, but a study proposes further lowering the BAC limit to .05 percent.

Bam Margera faces charges for DUI

Seattle fans of TV personality and skateboarder Bam Margera might be interested to learn that he was detained on Dec. 7 on charges of DUI. Margera has never faced DUI charges before although he has been open about his struggles with alcohol abuse and finding sobriety. His friend Ryan Dunn died in a drunk driving accident in 2011.

Why people wear SCRAM bracelets

Washington residents who are convicted on a drunk driving charge may have to wear a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) bracelet. Typically, they are reserved for those who are on probation, parole or have otherwise been released early. This may be used instead of an ignition interlock device in a vehicle. The main benefit is that it may be possible to monitor a person's blood alcohol content remotely.

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