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December 2017 Archives

Age plays a role in juvenile arrests after school fights

Some children learn to handle their problems with aggression. Others always have high energy and may turn to aggression because they don't know how else to explain their feelings. The problem with aggression is that it can lead to fist fights and violent acts against friends and family members. If the violence takes place at school, there is a chance a child could face prosecution.

Woman facing DUI charges after allegedly striking WSP vehicle

Police in Washington have reported that a woman in her early 20s was taken into custody on the night of Dec. 14 on suspicion of drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident. The woman allegedly struck a Washington State Patrol vehicle with her Honda sedan while under the influence of alcohol and then attempted to flee the scene. Media outlets picked up the story because the patrol vehicle involved was being used by an officer who was assisting with the arrest of another drunk driver at the time.

Agencies warn about traffic safety during the holidays

Seattle drivers should be particularly careful over the Christmas and New Year's holidays, a time of year when fatalities from car accidents are on the rise. To help combat the problem, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration runs a yearly campaign against drunk driving called Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.

President Trump pledges resources to combat drunk driving

Law enforcement agencies in Washington and around the country generally step up their efforts to reduce impaired driving during the holiday season. As part of these efforts, the Trump administration has proclaimed December 2017 as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. The president's Nov. 30 proclamation pledged to provide the nation's police departments with the resources and tools they need to keep drunk drivers off the roads. It also vowed to reduce the number of regulations faced by companies offering an alternative to driving home such as ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft.

How to restore voting rights in Washington

Those who have been convicted of a felony in the state of Washington may lose their right to vote. However, it may be possible to have those rights reinstated if certain conditions are met. For instance, a person may have to pay all fines, court costs and other fees imposed as part of a sentence. It may also be necessary to complete community service, required treatment or probation before regaining the right to vote.

Identity theft: A serious and confusing crime

Identity theft, also known as identity fraud, is exactly what it sounds like. This is a type of crime in which a person wrongfully uses or obtains another individual's personal data in a matter that involves deception or fraud. Adding to this, the theft usually occurs so that the person stealing the data can make a financial gain.

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