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November 2017 Archives

Black men receive longer sentences for similar crimes

Facing sentencing in a criminal case can be a dangerous time for any defendant, but it can be even more complex for Black men in Washington and throughout the United States. In a study by the U.S. Sentencing Commission, it was shown that Black men tend to receive significantly longer sentences than white men convicted of the same or similar crimes. The sentences of Black men can be 19.1 percent longer than those of white men on average, found commission researchers when examining sentencing data for people convicted between 2012 and 2016.

Actress who accused producer of rape charged with drug possession

Rose McGowan has charmed television and movie fans in Washington for years, but law enforcement had little sympathy for her alleged drug possession. The actress turned herself into authorities on the East Coast because of an arrest warrant issued by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department.

Incarceration isn't necessarily the only option for juveniles

Your child went to school in an unusually happy way this morning, and you thought that his months of rebellion were over. Unfortunately, the day didn't turn out the way you'd hoped. In the afternoon, a call came in to tell you your son had drugs on the school's campus. Now, he faces arrest.

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