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Washington man allegedly drove drunk and assaulted father

A 30-year-old man in Gig Harbor kept sheriff's deputies busy on Aug. 30. In one day, the Pierce County Sheriff's Department arrested him twice. His day began with a traffic stop after a deputy observed him driving away from a squatter home on 115th Street in the Key Peninsula. The deputy reported that the man smelled of intoxicants and asked him to get out of the truck.

According to the police report, the man's shorts slid off when he exited the vehicle. After the deputy located an empty liquor bottle in the man's pocket, the man allegedly admitted to consuming four or five shots. The deputy arrested him for DUI, and tests at the police headquarters indicated that he had a high blood alcohol percentage of 0.276.

The man required medical treatment at a hospital. His father collected him from the hospital, and, during the drive home, the father complained about the man's drinking and drunk driving arrest and worried about the safety of his granddaughter. The conversation apparently turned into an argument because a 911 call prompted deputies to visit the father's house. They reported that the man had thrown his father to the ground and threatened his life. Authorities took the man to jail and added fourth-degree domestic violence charges to his DUI charge.

A person faced with criminal charges has a right to legal representation within the justice system. An attorney could evaluate the evidence behind drunk driving charges and suggest how to prepare a defense. The lawyer might check the procedures used during a field sobriety test. Any mistakes could invalidate evidence and enable the attorney get the case dropped or charges reduced.

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