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Test reveals multiple drugs in golfer's system

Washington residents may remember the that Tiger Woods was found driving under the influence. According to a toxicology report conducted by the Palm Beach County police, he had five different drugs in his system when authorities took him into custody on May 29. At that time, police say that he appeared confused and did poorly on field sobriety tests.

Vicodin, Xanax and THC were among the drugs found in his system after he took a urine test. According to Woods, he was trying to manage his own medications for a sore back and for insomnia. The golfer had fusion surgery in April, which was the fourth surgery on his back. Woods later said on Twitter that he sought help and finished a treatment program on July 3.

Unlike most traffic violations, drunk or impaired driving is generally considered to be a criminal offense. This means that a driver could face jail time, a fine and a license suspension. In some cases, a driver may have his or her license revoked entirely. An attorney may be able to create a defense to the charge that may help a driver to obtain a favorable outcome in his or her case.

For instance, it may be possible to argue that a driver didn't know that a medication would cause drowsiness or lead to impaired driving. It may also be possible to argue that a defendant did not intend to take prescription medications before driving. This may make it possible to avoid some or all penalties that come with a drunk driving charge. In some cases, an individual may be allowed to participate in a pretrial diversion program in lieu of a harsher penalty.

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