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Man found sleeping in vehicle charged with cocaine possession

Seattle authorities charged a man with possession of cocaine on Aug. 22. The arrest occurred after the police found the man sleeping behind the wheel of a car.

The vehicle was parked on Harvard Avenue near the Eastlake neighborhood in Seattle at about 6:30 a.m. When the police asked the 29-year-old man for his driver's license, he attempted to pull out his wallet. With the wallet came a small bag of what was determined to be cocaine. After the police spotted the first bag, they took the man into custody and conducted a search. They reportedly found several additional bags.

Altogether, they reportedly recovered about 90 grams of cocaine. The cocaine had an estimated street value of about $5,400. The accused man was taken to a local jail while authorities said they intended to look into the matter further.

No matter how minor drug charges could seem, all convictions have consequences that can have an impact on a person's future. For example, even a misdemeanor charge could result in a jail sentence. Those who were convicted on felony charges could be sentenced to prison for several years, lose their right to vote and lose their right to own a firearm. Even further, law enforcement can even seize a person's property if it is believed that it was instrumental to the commission of a crime. This is why it can be advisable for people who are facing these types of charges to meet with a criminal defense attorney at the earliest possible time so that a plan to challenge the charges can be constructed.

Source: Seattle Patch, "Sleeping Man In Seattle Caught With Lots Of Cocaine", Neal McNarara, Aug. 23, 2017

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