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Washington man damages police station in drunk driving chase

The police in Bremerton discovered a man passed out behind the wheel of a running vehicle parked in the entrance to the department's employee parking lot on June 22. A police lieutenant said the man immediately hit the gas when officers roused him. Attempting to escape, he smashed through a metal security gate.

Once inside the parking lot, he chose to smash his vehicle through a second gate. Both gates and the vehicle suffered heavy damage, but he managed to drive away. He soon crashed near the intersection of Warren Avenue and Burwell Street and then fled on foot. Officers captured him about one block from the wreck.

Police reported that the man's vehicle had been stolen in Olympia. Additionally, the police in Seattle had recently arrested him for DUI and possession of stolen property. The police in Bremerton said that they suspected that he had been using methamphetamine in the stolen vehicle. Authorities charged him with multiple criminal offenses, including DUI, and locked him up in the Kitsap County Jail.

A person confronted with the possibility of a drunk driving conviction has the option to seek help from a criminal defense attorney. Legal advice may help a defendant to make an informed decision when entering a plea in court. If the evidence does not point to an acquittal, then the lawyer might strive to negotiate a lenient sentence as part of a plea deal. In a case with weak evidence or questionable conduct by law enforcement, an attorney might request a case dismissal or choose to defend the person in trial.

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