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People can still be charged with marijuana offenses

The legalization of marijuana for recreational and medical use in Washington is confusing to many residents. While you may think that you can't be arrested for pot-related charges, that is not the case. It is important for you to understand what you can and cannot do.

In the state, you could face charges for driving under the influence of marijuana. You may also be charged with an offense if you possess more than the legally allowed amounts of the drug. People who grow their own marijuana need to understand how many plants that they can legally have at one time.

You may wonder whether or not you can grow plants without a license and if you can share marijuana with your friends. If you are a medical marijuana user, you may also wonder if you can have more than an ounce of pot if you have a doctor's prescription. Finally, marijuana businesses are subjected to stringent regulations, and it is important if you are a business owner that you make certain that you understand the laws and that your business is in compliance with them.

The lawyers at JRC Practice PLLC are experienced with representing individuals and business owners who are facing marijuana-related charged. Our lawyers understand the applicable regulations and laws that govern the use and production of marijuana. In order to help our clients, our lawyers conduct audits of businesses to make certain that they are in compliance with the laws and advise them about the changes that they need to make if they are out of compliance. When people are facing marijuana charges, our attorneys are often able to negotiate with the prosecutors who are assigned to the cases to secure favorable outcomes for our clients. If you would like to learn more about the marijuana laws in Washington, you are invited to review the information on our defending against pot-related charges page.

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