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Daughter of David Hasselhoff charged with DUI

Washington residents may have heard that the daughter of David Hasselhoff was found passed out behind the wheel of her vehicle by police. Authorities say that her car had come to a complete stop at a California freeway off-ramp when witnesses called them for help at about 4 a.m. on May 13. When police made contact with the woman, they found that she was asleep with her foot on the brake pedal.

An officer managed to wake the 24-year-old up before taking control of her vehicle. After taking a sobriety test, the woman was taken to a hospital for evaluation. From there, she was taken to jail on a DUI charge. There was no information as to whether she was still in custody nor were their details about her blood alcohol content when she was taken into custody.

If an individual is charged with drunk driving, he or she may be faced with a variety of negative consequences. For instance, simply being charged with DUI could result in termination or suspension from a job. If convicted, drivers may face mandatory jail sentences and fines in addition to a drivers license suspension or revocation. Therefore, it may be a good idea to talk with an attorney about how to create defenses against such a charge.

An attorney may be able to argue that a driver was not under the influence of alcohol or any other substance when police first made contact. It may also be possible to claim that a driver was under the legal blood alcohol limit at the time a blood or breath test was given. Finally, an attorney may try to claim that a mechanical problem with the car caused a driver to swerve or otherwise drive erratically while on the road.

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