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Wire transfer could lead to drug charges for Chris Brown

Hip-hop fans in Washington and around the country will probably know that Chris Brown has had several high-profile brushes with the law during his turbulent career, and the 27-year-old rapper made headlines again on April 6 when federal investigators announced that he had become a person of interest in a major narcotics investigation. Investigators want to know why Brown allegedly transferred $15,000 into the bank account of a Miami music producer accused of dealing drugs to celebrities in order to fuel his lavish lifestyle.

Authorities became interested in the money transfer when the music producer posted a screenshot of the transaction on his Instagram feed. When an internet user responded to the post by asking asked what the money was for, the producer is said to have responded that it would be used to buy drugs and a combination of soda and narcotic cough syrup known as lean. Investigators took the man into custody in October 2016, and they say that he has admitted to supplying large quantities of drugs including marijuana to prominent music business celebrities.

However, the man's attorneys have provided the jurors hearing the case with a different account of events. They say that their client is not a drug dealer and spent large amounts of his own money on exotic cars and luxury goods to appear successful and boost his career. While no immediate action was taken against Brown, experts say that the rapper could face felony drug possession charges if the Instagram claims can be verified by investigators.

Narcotics investigations are sometimes launched as a result of uncorroborated allegations or intercepted communications, but prosecutors know that proving drug charges beyond a reasonable doubt generally requires far more compelling evidence. The law enforcement officers tasked with gathering this evidence must adhere to rigid boundaries established by the U.S. Constitution, and experienced criminal defense attorneys may study police reports closely in drug cases to ensure that these rules have been followed.

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