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April 2017 Archives

Challenging hacking by the government

There has been an increasing use of hacking by federal law enforcement officials using malware. Criminal defense attorneys in the state of Washington and the rest of the country have strategies to combat this form of surveillance and to keep evidence that was obtained illegal from being brought into court.

Wire transfer could lead to drug charges for Chris Brown

Hip-hop fans in Washington and around the country will probably know that Chris Brown has had several high-profile brushes with the law during his turbulent career, and the 27-year-old rapper made headlines again on April 6 when federal investigators announced that he had become a person of interest in a major narcotics investigation. Investigators want to know why Brown allegedly transferred $15,000 into the bank account of a Miami music producer accused of dealing drugs to celebrities in order to fuel his lavish lifestyle.

Driving under the influence of illicit drugs

Driving under the influence of drugs is risky business anywhere, but there continues to be an upsurge in reported drug use among drivers across the country, including Washington and the rest of the Pacific Northwest. A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report points out that 20 percent of drivers tested in 2014 were under the influence of drugs while operating a vehicle. Another study in 2011 showed college students tend to be involved in drugged driving incidents as often as they are implicated in alcohol related cases.

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