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February 2017 Archives

NFL star faces lengthy suspension after DUI guilty plea

The penalties for drunk driving can be severe in Washington and around the country, and the DUI case of NFL wide receiver Michael Floyd serves as a reminder that getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol can have serious professional as well as legal repercussions. The former Arizona Cardinal and current New England Patriot was charged with extreme DUI in December, and he could be facing a lengthy suspension after entering a guilty plea on Feb. 16.

Proposed bill would lower BAC limit to .05 percent

Seattle motorists who have been charged with DUI and who had a blood alcohol level under .08 percent can argue that they were not legally intoxicated. However, a bill has been proposed that would lower the legal blood alcohol limit from .08 to .05. On Feb. 7, testimony in favor of the proposed legislation was presented to a state House of Representatives committee.

Proposed law targets cities that don't allow marijuana sales

Washington state lawmakers want cities to decide whether marijuana businesses will be permitted to operate in their jurisdictions. In fact, one state representative submitted legislation - proposed House Bill 1099 - which would inflict a penalty on cities that still prevent marijuana sales.

The dangers of Ponzi schemes

Many Washington residents probably associate Ponzi schemes with Bernie Madoff, the investment advisor who is serving a 150-year prison term for conniving the largest such scheme in U.S. history. While this Ponzi schemer was stopped, many more exist and still operate fraudulent investment deals.

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