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Getting relief from old convictions

In Washington, some people make mistakes when they are young but go on to lead productive and trouble-free lives. A continuing problem for people who have convictions on their records is that those convictions can continue to haunt them long after their sentences are completed.

If you have a criminal conviction on your record, you may be prevented from voting or owning or possessing guns. You may also be dealing with problems securing employment or obtaining educational loans. Having a criminal conviction may follow you for your entire life. Washington recognizes that some people deserve to have a second chance, and the law allows certain people to have their rights restored and to have their convictions removed from their records.

You may be eligible for a vacation of your sentence if your underlying conviction was not a violent crime, a DUI or a crime against children or certain other persons. If your conviction is vacated, it will be removed from your criminal record. You may also be able to have your rights to vote and to own or possess guns restored. You will need to file the appropriate motions and show the court why you deserve post-conviction relief.

Our attorneys understand that people do change over time, and we believe that some people deserve second chances. We help our clients with their post-conviction relief matters. In some cases, we are able to help them vacate their convictions and restore their gun rights. We are also sometimes able to help people to be able to end their sex offender registrations. If you have an old conviction that continues to haunt you, you may want to review the information we have gathered on our vacating convictions page.

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