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Baking soda identified as cocaine by cheap drug test

Seattle residents may want to keep baking soda in its original container so that the substance is not confused for cocaine by law enforcement. A couple spent two months behind bars after Arkansas inspectors thought that the baking soda in their truck was actually cocaine.

According to reports, the mistake that was made in the Arkansas couple's case involved a cheap drug testing kit that is notorious for false positives. The kit costs only $2 and is used all over the country by law enforcement. Though the kit identified the couple's baking soda as cocaine multiple times, further testing that was done determined that the substance was not cocaine.

After the couple was exonerated and released from jail, it took them two months to get their truck out of impound. The couple also lost the security clearances that they needed to transport materials in their truck. They told reporters that they were confused during the inspection when they realized that inspectors thought they were carrying cocaine. The man said that the idea that the test was wrong didn't occur to him initially, and he wondered how cocaine had gotten into the bags of baking soda.

Law enforcement officers around the country use cheap drug testing kits that may produce false positives. People who have been handed drug charges after a traffic stop may want to meet with an attorney to see if this line of defense would be appropriate. Another strategy that could be employed would be to try to demonstrate that the stop itself was not made with the requisite reasonable suspicion.

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