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December 2016 Archives

European bank faces lawsuit over financial crisis

Washington companies that do business with Barclays may be dismayed to learn that on Dec. 22, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that it had filed a lawsuit against the British bank. The DOJ has claimed that the bank deceived investors by giving loans that were based on home appraisals that had been inflated and that the investors did not have the ability to repay.

Synthetic drugs may be difficult to classify and regulate

In Washington and across the U.S., the presence of illicit drugs in a variety of settings is an unfortunate reality. Those who frequently attend club parties, concerts or similar events may wish to understand the laws and classifications of different types of drugs in order to better recognize and avoid these substances. Individuals who distribute or possess natural or synthetic drugs may be taken into custody and charged with a crime, even if those people are unsure of a drug's composition.

NFC West wide receiver charged with DUI

Seattle Seahawks fans might be interested in learning that Michael Floyd, a wide receiver for division rival Arizona Cardinals, was charged with two DUI counts a few hours after his team lost their game to the Miami Dolphins. The incident happened around 2:48 a.m. on Dec. 12 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

When additional penalties for drunk driving apply

Washington drivers should know that it is against the law to drink and drive but may not know anything more specific about what could happen while operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Depending on the circumstances, different charges might apply. Aggravated DUI charges carry enhanced penalties that could lead to harsh consequences if convicted.

Does my child have any alternatives to jail time?

Many parents fear that sooner or later their child will be charged with a crime and face jail time. When that fear becomes a reality, it can easily cause panic, which is natural. The good news is that, with effective representation, your child does not have to face jail time, even in the face of a conviction.

Baking soda identified as cocaine by cheap drug test

Seattle residents may want to keep baking soda in its original container so that the substance is not confused for cocaine by law enforcement. A couple spent two months behind bars after Arkansas inspectors thought that the baking soda in their truck was actually cocaine.

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