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Juvenile drug offenses: How to help your child

Raising teenagers and tweens is difficult business. At a certain point in your children's life, their classmates and age peers begin exerting more influence over their behavior than you do. Often, parents feel helpless, as all their attempts to talk to or discipline their rebellious child are rebuffed or ignored. Even the best parents can find themselves and their child in the legally precarious situation of their child being accused of possession or consumption of a drug, such as marijuana or popular synthetic designer drugs like Molly, if their friends and peers are doing the same thing. If your child is facing criminal charges related to a drug offense, you need to hire an expert criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Drug charges have serious consequences

At first glance, possession charges for your minor child may not seem life-altering, but they can be. If your child is found guilty of a drug offense, it can impact his or her ability to get any form of federal student aid for college. Even after the child is released from incarceration or complies with the terms of probation, substance abuse program, or court-ordered community service, if the drug charge remains on his or her record, your child may struggle to find financial aid for higher education.

Drug charges can also impact your child's ability to find housing and gainful employment. Choosing not to hire convicted drug offenders is a common practice with businesses, which can be severely limiting for someone who is just starting off in life. If your child is facing drug charges as a juvenile, any drug-related criminal charge could be life-altering. His or her best hope that you retain an experienced criminal defense attorney who has a strong case record with drug charge defense and a passion for justice and fairness toward juveniles.

Attorneys help you access alternatives to incarceration

While some judges and prosecutors hope to send strong messages to juvenile defendants with severe punishments for their young crimes, a good attorney can skillfully make the case that such an approach would be a disservice to your child and his or her future. Judges and prosecutors can use their professional discretion and decide that your child could benefit from a plea to a non-drug related offense and court-ordered therapy and educational services. A skilled defense attorney can analyze all the details of your child's situation and help you decide how to proceed. There are often many alternatives to incarceration that can help minimize the impact of this youthful indiscretion on your child's future.

If your child is facing drug charges, don't risk his or her future! Hire a skilled criminal defense attorney who has a history of helping juvenile offenders receive help instead of punishment for their teenage mistakes.

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