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November 2016 Archives

Driver charged with DUI after rollover car crash

A 33-year-old Washington man was charged with suspicion of felony DUI after losing control of his vehicle at about 1:20 a.m. on Nov. 14 in Snohomish County. According to authorities, the car was going east on Highway 2 when it went off the road, hit a rock wall and then flipped over. The driver's 10-year-old daughter as well as the man's brother were passengers in the vehicle.

Legalizing pot leads to road safety concerns

Seattle residents may be aware that more states are starting to loosen their marijuana possession laws. However, this can cause problems for both those who are recreational users and for the state government. One major concern is how legalizing recreational use will affect road safety, especially after a study found that the number of fatal crashes involving drivers who used marijuana doubled after the state of Washington legalized the drug.

NFL player Greg Hardy charged for cocaine possession

Seattle Seahawks fans may be interested to learn that NFL free agent Greg Hardy was accused of cocaine possession. On Sept. 26, the former Cowboys defensive end was pulled over while driving in a Dallas suburb. Police officers searched Hardy's car during the traffic stop and found what they believed to be a bag of cocaine.

Lawsuit highlights problems with roadside drug tests

Washington residents may recall a December 2015 media story about a Florida man who was charged with drug possession after a police officer mistook flakes of sugar glaze from a recently consumed donut for the Class A drug methamphetamine. The man spent 10 hours behind bars before being released on a $2,500 bond, and he filed a lawsuit in October 2016 against both the city of Orlando and the manufacturer of a roadside drug testing kit used by the officer involved seeking damages of at least $15,000.

Juvenile drug offenses: How to help your child

Raising teenagers and tweens is difficult business. At a certain point in your children's life, their classmates and age peers begin exerting more influence over their behavior than you do. Often, parents feel helpless, as all their attempts to talk to or discipline their rebellious child are rebuffed or ignored. Even the best parents can find themselves and their child in the legally precarious situation of their child being accused of possession or consumption of a drug, such as marijuana or popular synthetic designer drugs like Molly, if their friends and peers are doing the same thing. If your child is facing criminal charges related to a drug offense, you need to hire an expert criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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