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Man accused of crashing car while huffing paint

A 37-year-old man was allegedly driving under the influence after an incident in Washington Sept. 12. Witnesses told police that they had seen the man drive through a traffic control arm while 'huffing something," but the man denied those allegations when officers spoke to him. The man was booked at King County Jail for DUI and hit-and-run.

According to reports, the accused man was driving a dark Mazda SUV at around 9 a.m. when he crashed through a traffic control arm near the intersection of Pike Street and Ninth Avenue. Witnesses say that the man began driving the wrong way on Pike Street after the crash. One witness told police that he saw the man huffing some kind of substance in a vehicle that had deployed airbags and a smashed front end.

A short time after receiving the reports, police officers found a damaged SUV on 15th Avenue West in Interbay. There were several items that looked like cans of spray paint on and below the passenger seat, according to the officers. When officers found the accused man and questioned him, the man denied being involved in a crash or drinking with a one-word reply of 'nope."

A person who is stopped by a police officer and questioned has the right to remain silent during the interaction. Police are also required to have probable cause before pulling a car over and conducting a traffic stop. After a person is charged for drunk driving or another traffic violation, an attorney may investigate the traffic stop to determine whether police officers acted lawfully. If police violated the defendant's rights, some of the evidence that they obtained may be inadmissible.

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