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July 2016 Archives

Applying the lay opinion rule in Washington

According to the Federal Rules of Evidence, witnesses are generally not allowed to give their opinions while testifying unless they are an expert witness. However, a layperson may be allowed to give opinions if it provides context or otherwise bolsters his or her testimony. There are several areas in which a layperson may provide opinions on the stand including whether he or she believed someone was sober or the physical condition of an individual.

Florida congresswoman indicted over fake charity

Seattle readers may be interested to learn that a Florida congresswoman and her chief of staff have been indicted over a scheme involving a fake education charity. The pair allegedly used the representative's official position to solicit more than $800,000 in donations but used most of the money for other purposes.

Supreme Court rules on DUI test laws

Seattle residents may recognize that chemical testing is typically needed to identify the level of intoxication in a case of suspected DUI. However, some motorists are uncooperative when an official attempts to use breath testing during a traffic stop. Similarly, some motorists refuse blood testing, which is a more invasive option for assessing blood alcohol content. The nation's highest court recently limited certain state laws that treated a refusal as a separate crime.

3 men indicted in alleged movie financing scheme

Films that are made in Seattle often require financing from investors who are promised a share of the profits. On June 28, three men who claimed to be movie financiers were charged for allegedly using a fraud scheme to net $12 million. The three men named in the Manhattan federal court indictment are accused of fraudulently soliciting funds between 2012 and 2016.

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