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Woman charged with embezzlement

A 49-year-old Washington woman has been taken into custody on charges of embezzlement. Police accuse her of having stolen more than $500,000 during several years of working at an auto dealership in Bremerton.

The investigation began when a person who had never been employed at the dealership nevertheless received a 1099 tax form from it. The woman is alleged to have falsely used that person's information to facilitate her actions. Police say that she admitted to having used stolen money to pay for vacations, luxury goods and other such things. She also allegedly made a number of withdrawals from a casino in the area.

While the defendant has avoided saying much about the case, she did apparently indicate that she'd used at least some of the money to help her sister. Authorities executed a search warrant on her bank accounts and accuse her of having used fraudulent personal information to embezzle the money in question. The woman had been employed by the auto dealership for almost 15 years, but she was fired when these allegations came to be known.

Being convicted of this type of crime can have serious consequences for someone's future well-being and reputation. In a case such as this, it is advisable for people facing such charges to discuss the situation with an attorney who can provide legal counsel specific to their circumstances. If it is a first offense, an attorney in some cases could negotiate an agreement with the prosecutor that would provide for a lesser penalty in exchange for a guilty plea to a reduced charge.

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