Restoring Gun Rights For Clients In King County

Even if you were convicted of a felony 10 or more years ago, it may still be impacting many areas of your life, including your right to possess a firearm. However, it may not need to affect you forever. You may be eligible to get your rights restored.

At JRC Practice, PLLC, we frequently receive calls from people who have questions about restoring gun rights in Washington. In fact, Jesse Corkern is one of only a few lawyers in the Seattle area who receive referrals from the National Rifle Association (NRA). When members contact the NRA with a firearms issue, they are often directed to Mr. Corkern.

As a former prosecutor and respected trial attorney, Mr. Corkern is ideally equipped to determine if you qualify to regain your gun rights. If you do qualify, our law firm will guide you through the process, which usually takes only a few weeks. After the process is completed, you will have the ability to buy and carry rifles, pistols, handguns and other firearms again.

"Jesse has litigated all types of cases from very minor criminal cases to the big time felony level cases. He will work extremely hard for you." — Endorsement from attorney Rico Tessandore on

Learn More In A Free Consultation

Why settle for limited rights and opportunities when you may be eligible for so much more? Request a free, no-obligation consultation with our lawyer and discover whether or not you can get your gun rights restored. Simply call our Seattle office at 206-395-5952 or contact JRC Practice, PLLC, by email.

A case example: We represented a man whose guns were stolen and sold to a pawn shop. Even after the man contacted the pawn shop and informed the owners that the guns were stolen, the shop refused to return them. Our law firm filed an injunction to stop the shop from continuing to sell our client's property.