Do You Want To Appeal A Criminal Conviction? We Can Help.

At the Seattle law firm of JRC Practice, PLLC, we have successfully represented Washington clients in criminal appeals. Our firm's founder, Jesse Corkern, is both a respected trial lawyer and appellate attorney. He is also a former prosecutor, which gives him additional insight into recognizing errors at the trial court level.

In one notable case involving illegal search and seizure, he represented a client at the trial level and won. The other side appealed the matter. Mr. Corkern represented the same client at the appellate level and won again. Read his appellate brief on this particular case.

Mr. Corkern is also well-equipped to handle related legal matters called collateral attack proceedings, which include personal restraint petitions and motions for relief from judgment.

"It gave me a great sense of relief to have Mr. Corkern working for me." — Review from a former client on

If You Lost At The Trial Level, You May Or May Not Be Able To Appeal

You do not have an automatic right to appeal a criminal case. Whether or not you are eligible to do so will depend on whether the trial court made any mistakes during the proceedings.

An appeal is different from a normal trial. You cannot submit any new evidence, and the appellate court judge will not determine whether you are innocent or guilty of the original charge. Instead, the judge's one and only goal is to decide if the trial was conducted fairly and according to proper procedure.

To determine whether you are eligible to file an appeal or not, we will meticulously review all the transcripts, records and briefs from your trial and provide you with your options.

Strict Time Limits Exist, So Call Us Today

If you were tried in state court, you have only 30 days to file a notice of appeal. If you were tried in federal court, you have only 10 days. Call 206-395-5952 or email our law firm today to arrange a free initial consultation with our lawyer right away.