Defending People From All Types Of Criminal Charges In King County

Encounters with the criminal justice system can be an overwhelming experience. You may feel as though you are standing at the foot of a mountain, staring at the top, wondering how you will ever make it safely to the other side.

At the Seattle law firm of JRC Practice, PLLC, we have the tools and experience to guide you over the obstacles you face. Founded by Jesse Corkern, a former prosecutor and experienced trial lawyer, our firm provides competent and fearless criminal defense representation for those accused of both misdemeanor and felony charges in Washington.

Such charges may include:

  • Drug offensesWe handle Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act (VUCSA) matters, including possession, cultivation, manufacturing, sales and trafficking.
  • Domestic assaultBeing convicted of domestic violence or abuse can have countless ramifications, such as preventing you from seeing your children or owning a firearm.
  • Sex crimesOur law firm provides confidential and determined defense for those accused of rape, child molestation and other offenses.
  • FraudWe are equipped to handle an array of white collar crime charges such as identity theft, money laundering and credit card fraud.
  • DUI alcohol or drugs — Whether you are accused of driving under the influence of marijuana, prescription drugs or alcohol, you face significant consequences.
  • Theft crimes — We represent individuals charged with everything from shoplifting to armed robbery.
  • Weapons offenses — Illegally using or possessing firearms, knives and other weapons carries penalties of its own. Carrying a weapon can also increase the penalties you face for other offenses such as assault.

We also handle criminal appeals for clients such as the restoration of gun rights or removal from the sex offender registry.

"I care about my clients and work hard to make a real connection with them. One of the reasons I left the prosecution is because I was tired of representing the faceless State of Washington. As a private criminal defense lawyer, I get to represent actual human beings and empathize with them on a personal level." — Attorney Jesse R. Corkern

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