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Test reveals multiple drugs in golfer's system

Washington residents may remember the that Tiger Woods was found driving under the influence. According to a toxicology report conducted by the Palm Beach County police, he had five different drugs in his system when authorities took him into custody on May 29. At that time, police say that he appeared confused and did poorly on field sobriety tests.

Vicodin, Xanax and THC were among the drugs found in his system after he took a urine test. According to Woods, he was trying to manage his own medications for a sore back and for insomnia. The golfer had fusion surgery in April, which was the fourth surgery on his back. Woods later said on Twitter that he sought help and finished a treatment program on July 3.

Deliberate acts necessary to prove tax evasion

Many Washington residents and businesses pay tax preparers to fill out and file their tax returns because of the complexity of the task. When mistakes happen that cause taxes to be underpaid, the Internal Revenue Service generally takes action to inform the filer and collect the unpaid amount. If the agency suspects that the person or entity purposefully filed erroneous information to avoid taxes, then a criminal charge of tax evasion could result.

A typical case of tax evasion involves underreporting income to reduce the tax burden. The IRS can accuse either a business or individual of failing to report all income. A business that handles a lot of cash might attempt to conceal earnings because little to no paper trail exists. People who work for cash tips like restaurant servers and hairdressers might also attempt to hide undocumented income.

The elements needed to prosecute bribery

In Washington, offering or accepting bribes is illegal. Bribes are offered in an attempt to alter the actions of other individuals and are often associated with public and political corruption. In many cases, there is no written evidence of bribery, though the prosecution is usually required to show intent.

Because the act of offering or accepting bribes usually occurs without written evidence, it can be difficult for prosecutors to prove that an agreement was made. For example, a recorded phone call or video showing a person offering money, gifts or special services would be sufficient enough.

Criminal sentences vary greatly depending on the case

One of the biggest concerns for people facing criminal charges what penalties they will have to deal with. These vary greatly from one case to another. As a defendant, one of the things that you have to do is to find out what is possible in your criminal case.

There are several things that you have to think about. First, incarceration isn't the only penalty. Second, there are some very specific things that you need to know about any sentence that is handed down. Here are a few things for you to keep in mind.

What are leading questions in criminal trials?

Washington residents who are facing criminal charges and who plan to go to trial may have heard about leading questions and wonder what they are. These are questions that are asked by criminal defense lawyers of witnesses at certain times during the trial. Leading questions are designed to elicit responses from the witnesses by leading them to the answers. In many cases, the answer to a leading question will either be yes or no.

Leading questions are used by lawyers in order to allow them to indirectly testify through the questions that they ask. By the way that the questions are structured, they don't let witnesses qualify the answers that they give. This can be very effective in front of juries.

Study shows an increase in marijuana-influenced driving

Within seven years, the number of pot-influenced drivers throughout Washington and the rest of the U.S. rose by 50 percent. This is based on information from the 2013-2014 National Roadside Survey of Alcohol & Drug Use by Drivers. The survey also found that from 1973 to 2014, the number of drivers who tested positive for alcohol decreased by 77 percent.

An AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety research scientist states that marijuana and alcohol affect drivers differently. For example, drunk individuals may drive through a red light. Individuals who have consumed marijuana may have difficulty being aware of and reacting to sudden events.

Researchers working on marijuana breathalyzer

While driving under the influence of THC is illegal even in states like Washington that allow the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, there is currently no reliable way for police officers to determine whether or not a motorist is impaired by the metabolite. The results of roadside breath tests and standardized field sobriety tests are generally reliable because alcohol affects the human body in very predictable ways, and blood alcohol levels can be scientifically linked to degrees of impairment in casual as well as heavy drinkers. However, traces of THC linger in the blood for days or weeks after marijuana has been consumed, and habitual users can develop high tolerances to the drug.

Researchers are hoping that testing breath will yield more reliable results than testing blood. Measuring levels of psychoactive compounds in vapor is difficult due to their chemical structures, but the National Institute of Standards has reported that scientists may now have solved this problem. The findings were published in the scientific journal Forensic Chemistry.

DUI charges hit celebrity basketball coach

A conviction on DUI charges can carry heavy penalties, even for first-time offenders and famous drivers who run into difficulties on the road. Seattle pro basketball fans might remember Derek Fisher, the former coach of the New York Knicks. He is now facing charges of driving under the influence following an early June auto accident. Fisher and his passenger were driving on U.S. Route 101 through the Sherman Oaks area of Los Angeles when his car hit the concrete curb area of the shoulder and then collided with the guardrail. After the collision, the car overturned and rested on its roof. No one was injured in the accident, although the flipped car blocked two lanes of highway traffic.

At the time, Fisher was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. He has now been formally charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or higher. These are misdemeanor charges under California laws for a first-time offender.

Defending yourself: Domestic abuse allegations

You admit that you had a fight with your spouse, but you don't believe it constituted as domestic violence. To start with, it was your spouse who attacked you. You defended yourself and attempted to leave. When you couldn't, it turned into a physical altercation.

Yes, you took part in it, but does that mean you should face domestic violence charges? Shouldn't your spouse face those charges as well?

Washington man damages police station in drunk driving chase

The police in Bremerton discovered a man passed out behind the wheel of a running vehicle parked in the entrance to the department's employee parking lot on June 22. A police lieutenant said the man immediately hit the gas when officers roused him. Attempting to escape, he smashed through a metal security gate.

Once inside the parking lot, he chose to smash his vehicle through a second gate. Both gates and the vehicle suffered heavy damage, but he managed to drive away. He soon crashed near the intersection of Warren Avenue and Burwell Street and then fled on foot. Officers captured him about one block from the wreck.

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